• Top gay parties of 2019 (in the world) you MUST attend

    Posted by Daniel Tan
    If you enjoy living it up and experiencing the world, you may be planning your vacation days around what places are hosting this years hottest parties. Whereever you go in the world, gay pride is a thing, and there are dozens of amazing parties where you can enjoy the good life with your partners. We've put together a list of this years top gay parties, and where they are in the world.
  • When will the world encourage plus size gay male models

    Posted by Daniel Tan
    Few men care about their looks to the degree of Ady Del Valle. His day starts by taking care of his face, including makeup, before he even dresses himself. He chooses his outfits with utmost care, and frankly looks fabulous by the time he's done. This should come as no surprise because he is one of the up and coming male models in the world.
  • Is getting a happy ending from a massage counted as cheating?

    Posted by Daniel Tan
    Sometimes, the pleasure of a massage turns into something more however, when getting your legs and butt massaged feels—well—sexy. If the massage therapist does you a little favor and gives you a happy ending, is that considered cheating?
  • 5 reasons guys wear nice underwear to the gym

    Posted by Daniel Tan
    Some underwear comes with bulge enhancements, which add a little extra padding in crucial places. Even when you're not in the dressing room, that little bit of extra padding will make a big difference in how you look and feel walking around the gym. 
  • Why do gay men like wearing crop tops?

    Posted by Daniel Tan
    Catching the attention of a hot date isn't always easy. If you have a great body and want to show it off, that blazer isn't going to help you show off your hot features any more than a pair of baggy sweat pants will. Crop tops can be the answer for those bold enough to give this fashion trend a try.


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