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Bangkok’s Song Kran Party is one weekend you will never forget. This is no ordinary party, of course, you can’t just show up wearing any old discount pair of tighty-whiteys. Time to take out your sexiest underwear, and your kinkiest gear, because this is going to be one hell of a ride. If you’re looking for some inspiration for the upcoming party, have a look through our best pick for this year’s Song Kran party. 


ADDICTED’s fetish harnesses are a combination of casual wear and athletic wear. These tight-fitting “tops” will show off those muscles while allowing enough movement on the dance floor. Nothing screams louder than a harness. I mean, when would you actually ever really wear a harness if not at one of Asia’s biggest gay parties? So go get yourself one, and be ready to stand out!



ES collection, one of the world’s most prominent brands has always designed underwear to make you not only look and feel good but stand out. It almost makes us wonder if they knew guys like you and me will want to walk around in just underwear, whether it’s at the gym or at a gay party. This military mesh brief will bring out the rough, dominant man in you. The yellow trimming will highlight what’s most important to look at, which is of course right between your legs.



Ever wondered what it would be like to wear a push-up bra? Probably not. But hey, these boxers will not only enhance the appearance of your crown jewels, making it appear larger, but these magical boxers will also make your butt look more bubbly. I know, amazing. Forget the squats and just focus on those abs because, with these boxers on, everything below will be settled for you. Go to Song Kran feeling confident because we guarantee you that people will stare… a lot.



Go hard or go home with the PUMP! Fratboy Mesh Jockstrap. A seriously streamlined classic twist for the college fratboy. This jockstrap offers full breathability, comfort, and support through its micro-mesh and cotton fusion, elastic leg elastics, and a flexible waistband. Highlighted by its, white and yellow accent, this sexy jockstrap offers body contouring and highlighting of one's goods while complimenting the male form in the best ways possible. A real goal worth celebrating.



Songkran is a water festival, and trust me... you're going to be getting plenty wet! This underwear will dry much faster due to its quick drying properties allowing you to get back into the action at night without having to get a new pair on. 3 days of partying, 3 pairs of underwear - we got you covered! With these littles babies on, you won't have to worry too much about sweating it out on the dance floor or getting splashed on, because these will dry in no time. 


And with that, see you in Songkran!



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