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    Bangkok’s Song Kran Party is one weekend you will never forget. This is no ordinary party, of course, you can’t just show up wearing any old discount pair of tighty-whiteys. Time to take out your sexiest underwear, and your kinkiest gear, because this is going to be one hell of a ride. If you’re looking for some inspiration for the upcoming party, have a look through our best pick for this year’s Song Kran party. 


    ADDICTED’s fetish harnesses are a combination of casual wear and athletic wear. These tight-fitting “tops” will show off those muscles while allowing enough movement on the dance floor. Nothing screams louder than a harness. I mean, when would you actually ever really wear a harness if not at one of Asia’s biggest gay parties? So go get yourself one, and be ready to stand out!



    ES collection, one of the world’s most prominent brands has always designed underwear to make you not only look and feel good but stand out. It almost makes us wonder if they knew guys like you and me will want to walk around in just underwear, whether it’s at the gym or at a gay party. This military mesh brief will bring out the rough, dominant man in you. The yellow trimming will highlight what’s most important to look at, which is of course right between your legs.



    Ever wondered what it would be like to wear a push-up bra? Probably not. But hey, these boxers will not only enhance the appearance of your crown jewels, making it appear larger, but these magical boxers will also make your butt look more bubbly. I know, amazing. Forget the squats and just focus on those abs because, with these boxers on, everything below will be settled for you. Go to Song Kran feeling confident because we guarantee you that people will stare… a lot.



    Go hard or go home with the PUMP! Fratboy Mesh Jockstrap. A seriously streamlined classic twist for the college fratboy. This jockstrap offers full breathability, comfort, and support through its micro-mesh and cotton fusion, elastic leg elastics, and a flexible waistband. Highlighted by its, white and yellow accent, this sexy jockstrap offers body contouring and highlighting of one's goods while complimenting the male form in the best ways possible. A real goal worth celebrating.


    5      ADDICTED 3 PACKS

    Songkran is a water festival, and trust me... you're going to be getting plenty wet! This underwear will dry much faster due to its quick drying properties allowing you to get back into the action at night without having to get a new pair on. 3 days of partying, 3 pairs of underwear - we got you covered! With these littles babies on, you won't have to worry too much about sweating it out on the dance floor or getting splashed on, because these will dry in no time. 


    And with that, see you in Songkran!


  • 3 Australian Underwear Brands to Look out for

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    In case you haven’t noticed, Australia has been stealing the spotlight for men’s underwear.  The Aussie style and personality is the perfect fit for the underwear industry.  Stylish and comfortable athletic briefs, sexy underwear, and slimming swimwear, Australian brands have been delivering on every major front over the years. 

    With this growth, we’ve seen a big surge in the number of Australian brands, so to help you with your first purchase, we’ve gathered our three favorite brands who piss excellence and breathe style.  Now, without further ado, let’s take a look at best Aussie bottoms.


    Posted by Daniel Tan

    The Jock Shop is proud to have been the first company to bring ADDICTED underwear, swimwear, and sportswear to Singapore. It's been a great year with ADDICTED and we wanted to share 5 interesting facts that you might not know about them.

    1. Designed and manufactured in Spain

    Due to the rising costs of labor and materials, many menswear brands choose to manufacture their goods in Asia - particularly in China, Vietnam and Thailand. ADDICTED wanted to maintain the highest quality control and therefore chose to keep production in Spain. Whilst this might mean that their underwear and swimwear is more expensive than some other brands, it guarantees customers top quality underwear and swimwear that not only feels good, but looks good too. 



    1. ADDICTED is the sister company to ES Collection

    ES Collection is one of Spain's most prominent men's underwear, sportswear and swimwear brands. ES Collection is focussed on providing the latest designs at the highest quality. They are most well known for their 2007 "wonder slip" which provides a removable "pack-up" piece, giving the wearer the perfect jeans bulge. This same technology is used by ADDICTED. ADDICTED is popular in the European gay scheme and is designed with that in mind. 

    1. ADDICTED has created a comfortable "bulge enhancement" addon

    Where the bulge enhancement technology of some brands (such as Aussiebum and Andrew Christian) requires you to stuff your junk into an internal pocket to create an uplifting effect to enhance your bulge, ADDICTED's "wonder slip" technology works to enhance shape and appearance through an additional layer of cushioning. Get a bigger bulge in literally seconds. For those customers who prefer not to use 'pocket' technology, try ADDICTED. With ADDICTED's "wonder slip" you now can look bigger, and if you don't need it, just take the "wonder slip" out and you have got yourself a perfectly good piece of underwear.

    addicted pack up boxers

    1. ADDICTED has some pretty "out there" ads 

    ADDICTED has always been one to challenge convention, to push the boundaries. They’ve never been shy about celebrating the male body, or giving their customers what they want, and the same can be said for their ads. Andrew Christian’s ads are legendary, but ADDICTED takes it to a WHOLE new level. For Andrew Christian, you'll get to see a lot bulge, but in ADDICTED, the models certainly don’t hold back, let’s just put it that way… Intrigued? Go check out their recent ads, and stay tuned for their upcoming one for their FETISH line. 

    1. There's "literally" a design for every occasion

    Whether you're heading to the office or the club, a rooftop bar or somewhere a little darker, ADDICTED has you covered. ADDICTED's latest line is the very sexy FETISH series, designed with nighttime activities in mind. Leave little to the imagination, and show off your greatest assets, with the harnesses,  translucent briefs and jockstraps from ADDICTED's FETISH range. If you're thinking 'yes yes yes!', then you're in luck, because The Jock Shop will be bringing selected designs from ADDICTED's latest range to Singapore and Hong Kong very soon!


    addicted fetish line


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    Don’t settle for less by purchasing your underwear in those giant 5-packs with the bonus pair on clearance online.  Yeah, men often get a bad reputation for being only interested in buying underwear when their old ones are called out for having holes in them, and no we aren't talking about jock straps. Underwear should be important, though, because not only are you wearing them more often than all your other clothes, but also because it can make you feel better, sexier, and more active.

    Don’t believe us?  Keep reading to find out more about what a good, quality pair of underwear can do for you, besides keep your family jewels in place.

    Great Style

    Underwear can be quite boring if you only look at it from a utilitarian standpoint.  They’re predictable, made to last until the next stocking-stuffer gift at Christmas, and normally aren’t noticed until you take them off.  Stylish, athletic underwear is made to impress, both yourself and your significant other. For example, PUMP! Underwear is made to look good while making you feel good, trust us on this one.  It’s the same concept as buying new clothes. Just because you aren’t showing off your underwear all day, doesn’t mean that it has any less of an impact on your confidence or mood.

    Strong Craftsmanship

    PUMP! Underwear is designed and built to withstand lots of flexing and stretching during heavy activity, and it'll be noticeable from the moment you put them on. You don’t need to be a gym rat in order to appreciate great stitching, strong seams, and contouring fabric that feels like it was made to hold you in. The same goes for dyes and the quality of the fabric; no fading, no thinning, and no loss of softness, unlike discount underwear that tends to get rougher and lighter as it is put through the wash. 

    Built to Impress

    Athletic underwear is made to accentuate what is already there, while making your work out more comfortable. So if you’re interested in impressing your partner, this is a sure way to do it. PUMP! underwear is manufactured with a micro-mesh material, which is designed to stretch and allow your manhood to breathe. Heading to the gym for a heavy work out and worried about soaking your underwear in sweat? With PUMP!'s quick absorption and fast drying material, sweaty balls will be a thing of the past!

    It’s a refreshing, literally and conceptually to experience a men’s underwear that is designed with these things in mind.  Whether it’s in the form of boxers, briefs, or jockstraps, the importance of breathe-able design cannot be overstated.

    Something for Everyone

    Underwear shouldn’t be divided into body types or categories of manliness.  Everyone looks good in stylish, athletic, and sexy underwear.  Whether you’re hairy, skinny, chunky, or built like an ox, it’s all about instilling that confidence that we all want.  Wearing a great outfit can make your whole day, and wearing a great pair of underwear can make you feel like Superman.

    Don’t just buy it to impress your partner or replace your old ones, buy yourself some nice underwear because you deserve to look and feel good.  Use them as an opportunity to change your perspective in life: the sexy man who is beaming with confidence and swagger.


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    The idea of men wearing sexy underwear used to be a lot more controversial years ago, but I think it’s safe to say that it has gain traction with all men who are much more comfortable with their masculinity these days. There are still those out there who have reservations about sexy men’s underwear, but we’re here to tell you that it’s all easily dispelled once you learn all the great benefits of them.  

    Get your Sexual Mojo

    You won’t realize it until you slip on a pair, but just wearing something skimpy on your body as a man can make you feel sexy in the same way that women do.  It’s the combination of the tight pulling fabric on the most sensitive parts, as well as how it looks like on your figure.

    Get Noticed

    Women and men love a man in sexy tight underwear, especially if it’s on their significant other.  Man-thongs are all about enhancing what is already there.  They can contour the buttocks, legs, and of course the bulge. Look at underwear from the likes of Andrew Christian, Addicted or Aussiebum. They all have special designs to help enhance your bulge, giving you the boost in confidence when walking down the street or turning heads at the gym.  It will surely be a hit with any partner who is wishing for a little more spontaneity and a little more eye candy. 

    Showing off your Moves

    Sexy underwear makes things a little easier when it comes to putting on a show for your partner.  You don’t have to become a male stripper overnight just because you purchased some skimpy tights, but it should inspire you to shake your rump and tease your partner a bit more.  You can do a slow reveal that leads up to the surprise underneath with your special pair of underwear.

    Sexy Underwear is Practical

    Even outside the bedroom, sexy underwear can be something you’ll want to wear often.  Take, for example, getting sweaty at the gym.  You don’t need to let your gym buddies in on your secret underwear, but you’ll probably want to, as they'll probably need a pair themselves after realising how sweaty their pair of underwear becomes after a gym session. PUMP! for example has some great sexy underwear that is designed perfectly for the gym. Made using a combination of mesh and cotton, PUMP! underwear allows for great breathability and dexterity for those intense work outs. 

    Less Adjusting and Fussing

    All underwear seems to always have the same reoccurring problem of having your package gradually move into an uncomfortable position.  This means you must find an opportune time to readjust without getting unwanted stares or comments.  Yeah, it’s a natural problem that basically all men encounter, but it would be nice to not have to do it so often.

    Sexy underwear is form-fitting, meaning you’re going to have less room for parts squeezing past their designated areas.  It also means that you’ll have less instances of collision problems when jogging or moving in a quick jump. Take a look at Andrew Christian underwear. Their tagless underwear is designed for your package to fall nicely into a small comfortably pouch that helps to eliminate your sticking ( we all know how this feels, especially on a hot summer, humid day), squashing, re-adjusting, sweating and chafing. Essentially, perfect for every man, for every situation. 


    Your underwear doesn’t need to just be designated as sexy accessories, they can double as effective bathing suit bottoms.  You can achieve a great tan in a jock strap.  Depending on how skimpy you want to go, you can avoid a lot of tan lines.  Your partner will certainly appreciate the golden buns and upper thighs, which are normally pale for most men who don’t partake in nude sunbathing.

    What are you waiting for then?  Just order a pair online and see how you like the new feel of sexy underwear.