1. Who is the owner of the Jock Shop?  

Me (photo above!) 

2. Is our underwear and swimwear authentic? 

100%. The Jock Shop is an authorized distributor for Andrew Christian, BWET,  C-in2, Croota, GX3, AussieBum, C-in2, 2Eros, Marcuse, NewUrbanMale, PUMP!, Teamm8 underwear & swimwear here in Singapore.  

3. Do you wear what you sell? 

Absolutely - I couldn't sell something I don't believe in.  

4. Why these specific brands?

Variety is the spice of life, and I want to bring some of that to Singapore. We think Singaporeans should have the opportunity to buy good quality, well-priced and unique underwear and swimwear.  

5. Boxer or briefs?

Briefs :) 

6. Do you plan to bring in other brands?

We are always looking to bring new brands and designs to The Jock Shop - please stay tuned. 

7. Do you have a physical store?

No, we only sell our products online - for now.   

8. Do you plan to bring in t-shirts and other apparel?

You never know! It is definitely in the pipeline.  

9. What's your number? 

Cheeky sia...